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ABB Low Voltage & Systems
RC5.. - Surge Supressor
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ABB - 1SBN050100R1000 + RC5-1/50 Surge Suppressor
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Object Properties:
Order Number: 1SBN050100R1000
Description long: RC5-1/50 is a RC type surge suppressor designed to reduce the maximum overvoltage peak value and to limit or even completely eliminate the high pre-damping voltage frequencies, when used with an AC operated conventional contactor for a rated control circuit voltage between 24 ... 50 V AC 50/60Hz. The operation of inductive circuits causes overvoltages, in particular on opening of the contactor coil. The electromagnetic energy stored in the coil during contactor closing is restored on opening in the form of surges, the slope and amplitude of which may rise to several kilovolts. A number of drawbacks are observed ranging from interference on the electronic devices to breakdown of insulators and even destruction of certain sensitive components. Advantages: - the surge suppressor is clipped onto the top or side part in regards with the contactor or contactor relay base design without change in device overall dimensions. - very fast clipping: attenuation of steep fronts and thus of high frequencies. No operating delays.
Description short: RC5-1/50 Surge Suppressor
Manufacturer / brand name: ABB
Product website: Link to product detail page
Customs Tariff Number: 85363030
ETIM 8.0
Accessories/spare parts for low-voltage switch technology:
Type of accessory/spare part: Other